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Open Doors: Billykirk

Billykirk recently opened a brick and mortar shop in the Lower East Side neighborhood of New York City, which reignites the classic concept of work-shop. Atlas chats with them about the space here.

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One To Watch

Baltimore-born maker and artist Matt Singer collects vintage watches, which are then restored and resold, along with his line of domestically produced and thoughtfully designed shirts, bags, and accessories. Atlas sits down with Singer to discuss the synergy between the two aspects of his collection. 

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As the holiday shopping season begins, Atlas tracks down designer-purveyour Shana Tabor. Her store In God We Trust questions, by its moniker and continued existence, the power of the American dollar. It’s a thought that’ll stay at the forefront of our minds in the coming weeks.

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Designer Interview: Left Field


The men's fashion feature in our Currents issue brought a few well-crafted shirts and jeans made by Left Field dockside. Here, we catch up with designer Christian McCann about his inspiration and walking the line between vintage and new. 

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Continued Conversation: D.S. & Durga


In our Voyages issue, Atlas interviewed  D.S. & Durga  on their musicly themed  Bowmakers scent collection. D.S. & Durga have since released their HYLNDS collection, which draws inspiration from ancient folklore and the mystic lands of Scotland and Ireland. 

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Issue Preview: Heath Ceramics

For our premiere issue, Atlas visited Heath Ceramics to document the production practices of this noteworthy studio that has been an innovator and legacy in American craft since Edith Heath first began the pottery company in 1948.

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